Eastern Kentucky University’s General Education Certification Requirements

In order to ensure that undergraduate students have a well-rounded educational experience, EKU requires a certain number of hours in a variety of disciplines.  These requirements help students develop strong intellectual and practical skills that span major fields of study, such as communications, analytical and problem-solving skills.

EKU General Education Elements (12 Classes Total):

Written and Oral Communication – Three classes required

  • ENG 101
  • ENG 102
  • One class in oral communication such as public speaking or introduction to communications

Mathematics – One class required

Arts and Humanities – Two classes required

  • One class in arts such as art or music appreciation
  • One class in humanities such as philosophy, ethics or literature

Natural Sciences – Two classes required in different natural science areas such as biology and geography

Social and Behavioral Science – Two classes required

  • One class in historical perspective such as early American civilization or introduction to American government
  • One class in social and behavioral science such as introduction to psychology or introduction to sociology

Diversity of Perspectives and Experiences – Two classes required such as African-American experience and women and gender studies, or two foreign language classes

For information on which courses meet the general education requirements, click here, consult the catalog or speak with an academic advisor.

Kentucky General Education Transfer Agreement

Students transferring to EKU from another Kentucky public college or university may be (1) catergory certified, (2) core certified, or (3) general education certified by the registrar of the school where the coursework was taken.  EKU will honor these designations and is guaranteed to apply the Kentucky public school transferred general education courses into EKU’s General Education curriculum in a manner that best serves the transferring student.