EKU Online Nursing Degrees Rank Among the Best

EKU Online Nursing degree programs rank among the Top 25 according to Graduateprograms.com. The organization rated schools based on feedback from current students and graduates over a 3-year period.
Eastern Kentucky University was the only Kentucky school to appear on the list. Schools were ranked in 15 categories, including support, financial aid and academic competitiveness.
EKU students left the following anonymous feedback on the site:
“The program's best features are ease of accessibility, availability of staff and IT to answer questions and provide support, the flexibility of the program, and the sufficient but not overwhelming workload.”
“EKU has been challenging, but manageable. School tends to be overwhelming and this is no exception, but I have found it to be a rewarding experience.”
EKU Online Nursing degree programs have also received accolades from U.S. News & World Report and other esteemed organizations. 
For more information, visit http://onlinenursingprograms.eku.edu/.

Published on November 20, 2015